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Answer for the clue "Govt. help for mom-and-pop stores", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word sba

Loan-granting Fed.agcy.

Govt. seed agcy.

Fed. loan agcy.

Govt. lender

Govt. loan org.

Fed. loan agency

Fed. loan group

Govt. loan agency

Guarantor of many bank loans to cos.

It doesn't lend to Fortune 500 cos.

Start-up helper: Abbr.

Loan-giving org.

Loan source for a mom-and-pop store: Abbr.

Monogram of a famed suffragist

Govt. agency

Little-firm org.

Suffragette's monogram

Monogram of a famous suffragette

Pioneer suffragist's initials

Monogram of a suffragette

Famed suffragette's monogram

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