Word Search by Letters

How to make the process of word search accurate

  1. Enter the letters you know in the order in which they are found in the word.
  2. Select the desired word length if you have to look for words with a certain number of letters.
  3. The system will present the right words, separated by blocks.

You have the opportunity not only to learn new words on the set parameters, but also to become familiar with their use in the text, which helps you remember the lexical meaning of a word better.


Word usage examples

Sugar had had their share of beefs in the past, in the three years since his retirement from the Dempsy PD he had become a first-rate gagger, one of a rarefied breed of PIs who, by creating dozens of false identities for themselves over the phone, could assemble a portfolio as thick as the Bible on anyone living or dead, without ever having to leave their apartment.

An elevator whisked him up to the thirtieth floor, and he was soon at the cherry doors leading into the offices of Marcus Hauser, PI.

The remainder, the surrounding curvature, which in some ethereous, immaterial way refused to be rationalized by means of the calculable bounding lines, that, Lawyer Paravant said, with quivering jaw, was pi.

Joseph Blaine hated prolixity almost as much as he hated Napoleon Buonaparte, yet this extreme curtness perplexed Stephen until, recalling times past, he turned the halfsheet over and there on the lower left-hand corner found the faintly-pencilled letter pi, signifying many.

A fine, digital, incredibly wide watch, about five times the width of your wrist, so you have to hold it like a falconer, and it treats time like pi.

He perfected the science of latitude and longitude, determined the value of pi, revolutionized the armillary sphere, and constructed kites that could carry men through the air for long distances.

Voltaire, has been wrong in accusing me of having criticized that tragedy, and in attributing to me an epigram, the author of which has never been known, and which ends with two very poor lines: "Pour avoir fait pis qu'Esther, Comment diable as-to pu faire" I have been told that M.

Ahead, Calis, Sho Pi, Luis, and Jadow crept along, looking for the sentries they knew must be there.

Two commas crossed, an S reversed, an hourglass on its side and pushed inward from the ends, and a crooked pi.

Corbell dialed a number he remembered: two commas crossed, S reversed, hourglass on its side, crooked pi.