Word Search by Letters

How to make the process of word search accurate

  1. Enter the letters you know in the order in which they are found in the word.
  2. Select the desired word length if you have to look for words with a certain number of letters.
  3. The system will present the right words, separated by blocks.

You have the opportunity not only to learn new words on the set parameters, but also to become familiar with their use in the text, which helps you remember the lexical meaning of a word better.

Word usage examples

Nay, those pretended indifferentists (however they may try to disguise themselves by changing scholastic terminology into popular language), if they think at all, fall back inevitably into those very metaphysical dogmas which they profess to despise.

The second level of differentiative order in non-ordinary reality was the seemingly internal standards or the seemingly internal arrangement of its component elements.

Heterarchy, in and by itself, is merely differentiation without integration, disjointed parts recognizing no common and deeper purpose or organization: heaps, not wholes.

This directionality is usually stated as being one of increasing differentiation, variety, complexity, and organization.

Complexity thus emerges from the interpenetration of processes of differentiation and integration.

Whenever a new differentiation is not matched by a new and equal integration, whenever there is negation without preservation, the result is pathology of one sort or another, a pathology that, if severe enough, evolution sets about to erase in earnest.

Whenever evolution produces a new differentiation, and that differentiation is not integrated, a pathology results, and there are two fundamental ways to approach that pathology.

This approach, in my opinion, simply confuses differentiation and dissociation, confuses transcendence and repression.

By that retro-Romantic logic, the only way to really get rid of pathology is to get rid of differentiation altogether, which means everything after the Big Bang was a Big Mistake.

Thus, on level 1, or A, we already find dissipative or self-organizing structures, holons with depth and span, creative emergence, increasing complexity, evolutionary development, differentiation, self-transcendence, teleological attractors, and so forth.