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Editors Note: This is a compilation of the 30 volumes of The Memoires of Jacques Casanova previously published by The Gutenberg Project in the individual files below.

The library, which was formed, or at least arranged, by Casanova, and which remains as he left it, contains some twenty-five thousand volumes, some of them of considerable value .

Towards evening I saw, coming in rapid succession, five or six ordinary-looking ladies, and as many abbes, who appeared to me some of the volumes with which I was to begin my Roman education.

History of the Church, exists in manuscript at Dux, and it is from this manuscript that the two published volumes of it were printed.

Next morning I purchased such volumes as I judged would instruct and amuse her at the same time, and went to present them to her.

This is the whole topic of involution and evolution, a topic that we will be following in all three volumes of this series, each time adding more perspectives to it.

The volumes are all uniform, and were all really printed for the firm of Brockhaus.

This manuscript adds some details to the story told in the ninth and tenth volumes of the Memoirs, and refers to the meeting with the Charpillons four and a half years before, described in Volume V.

I had about thirty volumes, all more or less against the Papacy, religion, or the virtues inculcated thereby.

There were more than one hundred volumes, poets, historians, geographers, philosophers, scientists--nothing was forgotten.