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n. (plural of resume English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: resume)


n. (plural of resumé cap=true English)

Usage examples of "resumes".

She smiles, looks very handsome, takes his arm, lounges with him for a quarter of a mile, is very much bored, and resumes her seat in the carriage.

The master resumes his march, and the man resumes his preparation of breakfast.

The trooper retires to a distant part of the room and resumes his curious inspection of the boxes, strong and otherwise.

Guppy, noiselessly tapping on the window-sill, resumes his whispering in quite a light-comedy tone.

Overpowered by his exertions, he lays his head back on his pillows and closes his eyes for not more than a minute, when he again resumes his watching of the weather and his attention to the muffled sounds.