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Żydokomuna (, " Judeo-Communism") is a term, usually regarded as pejorative and an antisemitic stereotype, referring to alleged Jewish– Soviet collaboration in importing communism into Poland, where communism was sometimes identified as part of a wider Jewish-led conspiracy to seize power. Most historians dispute the claims of Żydokomuna.

The idea of Żydokomuna continued to endure to a certain extent in postwar Poland (1944–1956), because Polish anti-communists saw the Soviet-controlled Communist regime as the fruition of prewar anti-Polish agitation; with it came the implication of Jewish responsibility. The Soviet appointments of Jews to positions responsible for oppressing the populace further fueled this perception. Some 37,1% of post-war management of UB employees and members of the communist authorities in Poland were of Jewish origin. They were described in intelligence reports as most loyal to the Soviets (Szwagrzyk). That some Polish historians have impugned the loyalty of Jews returning to Poland from the USSR after the Soviet takeover has raised the specter of Żydokomuna in the minds of other scholars.