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Zvonko is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Zvonko Bego (born 1940), former Croatian footballer
  • Zvonko Bogdan (born 1942), Serbian performer of traditional folk songs of Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Romania
  • Zvonko Bušić (born 1946), Croatian emigrant, most known for the hijacking of TWA Flight 355 in 1976
  • Zvonko Ivezić (born 1949), Serbian footballer
  • Zvonko Jazbec (1911–1970), Croatian football goalkeeper
  • Zvonko Marić (1931–2006), Serbian physicist
  • Zvonko Milojević (born 1971), retired Serbian football goalkeeper
  • Zvonko Monsider, Croatian football goalkeeper
  • Zvonko Mucunski (born 1962), career diplomat from Macedonia
  • Zvonko Pamić (born 1991), Croatian professional footballer
  • Zvonko Pantović, Serbian singer and songwriter
  • Zvonko Strnad (1926–1979), Croatian football player
  • Zvonko Šundovski, former team handball player from Republic of Macedonia
  • Zvonko Varga (born 1959), former Serbian/Yugoslav football manager and former player
  • Zvonko Vranesic (born 1938), Croatian–Canadian International Master of chess
  • Zvonko Živković (born 1959), Serbian footballer