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n. (alternative form of dzud English)


A zud or dzud is a Mongolian term for a severe winter in which large number of livestock die, primarily due to starvation due to being unable to graze, in other cases directly from the cold. There are various kinds of zuds, particularly a white zud, which is an extremely snowy winter in which livestock are unable to find nourishing foodstuff through the snow cover, hence starving.

One-third of Mongolia's population depends entirely on pastoral farming for its livelihood, and harsh zuds can cause economic crises and food security issues in the country. This natural disaster is unique to Mongolia. The slow and deadly dzud in Mongolia, BBC, 14 mei 2010

Usage examples of "zud".

At night, when Russell was asleep, she went into the bathroom and took the kit from under the sink where she had left it next to the Zud and Windex, and used it.