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ZR, Zr, or zr may refer to:

  • Aviacon Zitotrans IATA code
  • MG ZR, a car made by the MG Rover Group
  • Toyota ZR engine
  • Zirconium, a chemical element
  • .zr, the former Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Zaire
  • USS Shenandoah (ZR-1), a 1922 United States Navy rigid airship
  • ZR-2, a United States Navy rigid airship
  • USS Los Angeles (ZR-3), a 1923-24 United States Navy rigid airship
  • Kawasaki ZR-7, a motorcycle
ZR (bus)

A ZR (pronounced "Zed R", sometimes called route taxi) is a type of private taxi-bus system found in Barbados.

The vehicles are small vans, which mainly operate routes between the capital of Bridgetown and other terminals. They derive the name "ZR" from the license-plate code assigned to these vehicles. The two most popular routes are Bridgetown - Redman's Village (called ' No. 3 Black Rock, Wanstead, Redman's Village and Bridgetown - Silver Sands (called 'No. 11 Silver Sands via Ostins').

ZRs have a reputation for overcrowded vans and loud music, high speeds and abrupt stops, and drivers compete intensely among each other to attract riders. ZRs and minibuses give change for fare, while the large government-operated buses do not.