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Etymology 1 vb. (context slang English) To zap, kill, or destroy. Etymology 2

interj. (context US English) The characteristic sound made by an anteater's tongue or by lightning. n. (context US slang English) An anteater.

Usage examples of "zot".

Really, she had told olct George again and again that she only wanted sulphur-coloured antirrhinums, zot that rather ugly purple shade that gardeners always seemed so fond of.

My name is Zots-Zitz-Zhits-Glotz, but you may call me by the diminutive Zots to mark our growing and intimate friendship.

I was ordered by the great Zots to rescue the other squishy and bring you both back alive.

I may not be male, vegetative propagation is asexual, but by Zots I like this macho talk.

Then he turned back and saw that Zots and his entourage were gone, the Fighting Devils as well.

But it must have got off a final radio call because before they could get back to the landing strip Zots came hurrying up on his palanquin.

The palanquin trotters had trotted out the palanquin with Zots aboard.

Ever since I left the egg I have been taught to hate Zots and his lotz.

Large zaps and zots filled the air, followed by more cries from artificial voices.