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Zora may refer to:

  • Zora (given name)
  • Zora, a genus of spider in the Zoridae family
  • Zoras, a fictional race in The Legend of Zelda series
  • Zora Neale Hurston, an American folklorist, anthropologist, and author.
  • Zora, Pennsylvania, the site of a Civil War skirmish near Monterey Pass
  • The Red Zora, a German children's book by Kurt Kläber ( The Outsiders of Oskoken Castle)
  • Zora Lancaster, a character played by Allisyn Ashley Arm on Sonny With a Chance
  • Zora Arkus-Duntov (1909–1996), Belgian-born American engineer whose work on the Chevrolet Corvette earned him the nickname "Father of the Corvette"
  • Zora (vampire), the Italian comic book erotic character
Zora (given name)

Zora is a female name of Slavic origin that means " dawn".

Zora (vampire)

Zora (Italian: Zora la Vampira) is an Italian comic book erotic character from the 1970s. Zora la Vampira ("Zora the vampiress") is one of many such characters from the Italian fumetti tradition. Other figures from the same era, and with similarly violent or erotic preoccupations, include Maghella, Lucifera, Biancaneve, Vartan, Jacula, Sukia, Jolanda de Almaviva, and Yra.