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Zombo (singer)

Zombo (3 May 1979 – 17 February 2008), born Tebogo Ndlovu, was a South African singer, songwriter and music producer, best known as a member of kwaito group Abashante.

Zombo (comics)

Zombo is a fictional human- zombie hybrid featuring in the British science fiction comics anthology 2000 AD. The character was created by Henry Flint and Al Ewing and first appeared in 2009.


Zombo may refer to:

  • Zombo, Angola, a town in Uíge Province in Angola
  • Zombo District, a district in West Nile sub-region, Northern Uganda
  • Zombo, Uganda, the largest town in Zombo District and the location of the district headquarters.
  • Zombo (comics), a 2000 AD story
  • Zombo (singer) (1979–2008), a South African musician
  •, a website consisting of a Flash animation