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Zoey (singer)

Zoey (born 21 January 1984) is a J-pop singer from Japan. Her career started at age sixteen after successfully auditioning for UnderCover Inc., a music production company headquartered in Osaka, Japan. After two years of vocal training she traveled to London with her producer, Michael T. Martin to record almost two albums worth of material.

She debuted in London with the release of a remix entitled "You Make Me Feel" PlanitB Remix, followed by "Iyana Yatsu" PlanitB Remix. Both songs, produced by Russell McNamara, charted well on the DJ Dance charts ranking respectively at #3 and #2.

Upon Zoey's return to Japan she signed with Columbia Records and released her first single " Venus as a Boy", a Björk cover sung in Japanese, on 3 September 2003. Her second single "Fake Smile" was released on 5 November 2003 followed by her first album "Zoey" on 7 January 2004. Her third single, "Soakin' Wet" produced by producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis was released on 23 June 2004. Zoey can also be heard singing back vocals on Gwen Stefani's Jam & Lewis produced song "Harajuku Girls".

She appeared in the movie Homesick Blues released in 2005

Zoey released her single "Iyana Yatsu" on 30 September 2006 and produced album "Acre Lane" on 22 November 2006 by Rock Chipper Records.

Zoey (How I Met Your Mother character)
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