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ZOC may refer to:

  • ZOC Terminal, an ssh/telnet client and software terminal emulator
  • Zone of control, the tiles adjacent to tiles occupied by objects in board wargames
  • Zirconium Oxychloride
ZOC (software)

ZOC is a popular computer-based terminal emulator and Telnet software client for the Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh OS X (Mac OS X) operating systems that supports telnet, modem, SSH 1 and 2, ISDN, serial, TAPI, Rlogin and other means of communication. Its terminal emulator supports Xterm emulation with full colors, meta-keys and local printing, VT102, VT220 and several types of ANSI as well as Wyse, TVI, TN3270, and Sun's CDE. It supports full keyboard remapping, scripting in REXX and other languages, and support for named pipes.

ZOC is commercial software developed by Markus Schmidt of EmTec Innovative Software in Germany, a firm which produces software for various aspects of communications via telephone, PC, ISDN and the like. Price was about US$80, with a free evaluation period of 30 days; ZOC can be downloaded for evaluation from several shareware distribution sites. Emtec produce two other associated but independent telecommunications programmes for use over TCP/IP, modem, ISDN etc.: PyroTrans, an FTP package including client and server, and PyroBatchFTP, a programmable FTP tool.