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ZN, Z, Zn, or may stand for:

  • Air Bourbon (IATA airline designator)
  • Azimuth, a mathematical concept defined as the angle between a reference plane and a point
  • Zenith, the direction pointing directly above a particular location
  • Zettanewton, an SI unit of force
  • Ziehl-Neelsen stain, a special bacteriological stain used to identify acid-fast organisms
  • ZiffNet, a small, diverse set of online forums and information services, now called ZDNet
  • Zinc, the chemical symbol Zn for a metal
  • Zombie Nation (band), an elektro artist from Germany
  • Zontanoi Nekroi, a battle rap group from Greece
  • Z cyclic group
  • ℤ integers modulo n ( Modular arithmetic)