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n. A nap or sleep. vb. to have a nap

  1. n. a buzzing or whizzing sound; "a nasty zizz in the engine"

  2. a nap; "Arthur's taking a short zizz"

Usage examples of "zizz".

Very deftly he extricated the poor little Zizz, and held it out for Sara to see, still buzzing its wings as furiously as it could, with so much syrup on them.

But she knew she owed it to the poor little Zizz, so she tried with all her might to think only of fractions and asparagus.

They were all so interested in listening to the deepening blueness of the sound the Zizz made that they kept quite still.

Sara, for a moment, had a dizzy conviction that if she were a Zizz she would fly right into them.

One day Croupie, Beanpole, and Sankandank were going down Paradise StreetSankandank first in the Sleek Sports Car, Beanpole in his Speedboat, and Croupie in the Big Dump Truckwhen something went by with a flash and whir and the zizz of sprockets and made an inertialess turn at the next alley.

Flies were starting to zizz and hum after hiding out during the heat of the day.

If one wandered far from the vehicles and men, the silence was broken only by the thin sound of the wind where it combed a grass mound, the zizz and skrittle of insects, the distant yipe of fox or other hunting animal, and the secretive giggle of seeping water.

And so I came up here to have a quiet zizz, nap, or buzz-session, until he went away.

Andy, me, Howie, another two local lads and a couple of the traveller boys -down in the snooker room where there's a beat-up looking table and a leak in the ceiling that turns the whole of the stained, green-baize surface into a millimetre-shallow marsh, water dripping from each pocket and dribbling down the bulky legs to the sopping carpet, and we play snooker by the light of the hissing gas lamps, having to hit the white ball really hard even for delicate shots because of the extra rolling resistance the water causes, and the balls make a zizzing, ripping noise as they race across the table and sometimes you can see spray curving up behind them and I'm feeling really drunk and a bit stoned from a couple of strong Js smoked out in the garden earlier with the travellers but I think this dimly lit water-hazard snooker is just hilarious and I'm laughing maniacally at it all and I put an arm round Andy's neck at one point and say, You know I love you, old buddy, and isn't friendship and .

He was already halfway back to the trail they had been following when the car zizzed out.

A few bullets zizzed past our heads until voices on the banks shouted that we were not Brionists.

A faint zizzing sound could be heard where they waited, as the saw cut deeper with every stroke.

While she fretted, Boq, that pesky little flea, kept zizzing around her looking for attention.

Uncle Jingle, with help from the children, was trying to comfort a weeping Zoomer Zizz when the headache came back with vengeance.

Her daddy pulled a tissue out of the Zoomer Zizz box and gave it to her.