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Živa (goddess)

Živa, also Żiwia, Siva, Sieba or Razivia, was the Slavic goddess of life and fertility. She was worshipped throughout what is now Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany (and especially the Elbe (Labe) river valley), before Christianity expanded into the area. Her name means "living, being, existing". Živa is mentioned in The Baptism on the Savica, an epic- lyric poem by the Slovene national poet France Prešeren.


Živa may refer to:

  • Živa (goddess), fertility and love goddess in Slavic mythology
  • Živa (Vajska, Serbia), small settlement near Vajska, Serbia
  • Živa (journal), journal founded by Jan Evangelista Purkyně
Živa (Vajska, Serbia)
Ziva (dish)

Ziva is an Israeli dish made of puff pastry topped with sesame field and stuffed with cheese and olives. The origin of the dish comes from an Israeli of Yemenite origin named Neri Avneri who invented the dish in 1989 at Nargilla restaurant, the dish is named after his wife. Today Ziva appears at restaurants and homes. the cooking style of Ziva influenced from the Yemenite Malawach cooking style but looks like börek, which both are also common is Israel. Ziva is usually served alongside hot sauce ( skhug), eggs and Israeli salad.