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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He then examined the nearby red and cream wallpaper as if it were a vast furry zit.
▪ I was damned if some nineteen-year-old pipsqueak with zits and a clip-on tie was going to make me feel loathsome.
▪ That excuse collapses under the weight of its own zits.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

zit \zit\ (z[i^]t), n. a pimple. [slang]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"acne pimple," 1966, originally U.S. teenager slang, of unknown origin.


n. (context US slang English) pimple


Zit may refer to:

  • Zit, colloquialism for pimple
  • Zit (comic), an adult British comic
  • Zits, a syndicated daily comic strip by Jerry Scott
  • ZiT, a fictional music identification service in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Gentle zits, fictional objects mentioned in a Stanisław Lem story
  • Zimbabwean Independence Trophy
Zit (comic)

Zit was an adult British comic that was published by Humour Publications UK, beginning with a free sample issue in January 1991, and with issue 1 in February 1991.

It was one of many such comics similar to Viz, and was also of lower production quality than its inspiration. As well as comic strips, it also included photo strips, joke articles, celebrity references, and adverts for phone lines and mail order products, many of a pornographic or sexual nature.

Usage examples of "zit".

Schoolgirl scientist Jackie Cassall has discovered a type of ryegrass that causes zits!

English zits from Heathrow on, and I was developing a hunchy slouch, the way tall girls get, from sneaking past mirrors.

Nails ran second, then Silver, Kapu, Sister, Zit, Zat, Zing, and finally, far behind came Jello.

En jij, die nou er om zit te grienen, denk je, dat jij dan altijd in huis blijft?

The temporary night clerk was deep into his Penthouse magazine, eyes inched from the pulchritudinous photos as he absently fingered one of his terrific collection of zits.

I looked young, but I was definitely past the zit cream and orthodontics stage of life.

My friend with zits pointed to the right, where the road bent to the left before disappearing.

The guy who took my money had more zits on his head than brain cells in it.

But it made him feel like a prototypical adolescent: a reeking gloom of zits and tit mags.

She had not one flaw that I could see, not even a zit on her face or a fleck of dandruff on her dark blue blazer.

It was still applied to Magistrates in hinterlands beyond the villes, so Kane figured Zit and Hub were either Roamers or Farers.