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n. (context physics English) The superpartner of the Z-boson.


Zino is a Greek social networking website. In 2009, it was ranked one of the top Greek social destinations.

Zino (horse)

Zino (1979–1991) was a Thoroughbred racehorse which won the 2000 Guineas Stakes in 1982.

Owned by Gerry Oldham, trained by François Boutin and ridden by Freddie Head, Zino won the 1982 2000 Guineas Stakes at Newmarket, England, beating Wind and Wuthering in a photo-finish, in a time of 1:37.13. Zino is one of eleven winners of the 2000 Guineas to have been trained in France since 1900.

Zino (disambiguation)

Zino is a Greek social networking site. Zino may also refer to

  • Inspiron 400 (Zino HD), a Dell computer
  • Zino (horse), a racehorce
  • Zino's petrel, a seabird
  • A variety of the hypothetical gaugino particle