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Etymology 1 n. A particular univalve mollusc once used as currency. Etymology 2

n. (cx philosophy English) A non-conscious person analogous to a zombie, but capable of interrogate and discussing its own internal states.


Zimbo may refer to:

  • Zimbo (film), a Bollywood film of 1958
  • Zimbo (Tv series), a superhero series premiered on Zee Tv in 1996
  • Zimbo (Ruler of the Jagas), the predecessor of Mussasa in what is now Angola
  • Zimbo Trio, a Brazilian instrumental ensemble established in 1964 in São Paulo
  • TV Zimbo, a television network in Angola
  • a character in the Aaahh!!! Real Monsters cartoon series
  • a village near Morro de São Paulo
  • a song (AKA "All My Colours") on the Heaven Up Here (1981) and Shine So Hard albums by Echo & the Bunnymen
  • a slang term for a Zimbabwean and this term is used by Zimbabweans in or outside Zimbabwe.
  • a term proposed by the philosopher Daniel Dennett, meaning a nonconscious person that is analogous to a zombie, which can interrogate and discuss its own internal states
Zimbo (film)

Zimbo is a 1958 Hindi action adventure film directed by Homi Wadia and produced by Basant Pictures. John Cawas the earlier hero of most Wadia Movietone adventure films is credited in the title roll of the film as associate director with special effects by Babubhai Mistry. The screenplay was by JBH Wadia with dialogues by Chand Pandit. Music was composed by Chitragupta with lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri. The film starred Azad, Krishna Kumari, Chitra, Achala Sachdev, Sheikh, Dalpat .

The story idea was similar to Tarzan of the Apes; Homi Wadia made use of a "popular culture" icon like Tarzan and changed the name to Zimbo with an Indian setting. The film was originally made in 1937 as Toofani Tarzan, directed by Homi Wadia and produced by Wadia Movietone.

Zimbo (TV series)

Zimbo is an Indian superhero series aired on Zee TV in 1996. The series loosely based on Batman.

Usage examples of "zimbo".

If it jumps again by the same factor, it's going to swamp our ability to check the immigrants for zimboes in vivo –.