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Zia (novel)

Zia is the sequel to the award-winning Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell. It was published in 1976, sixteen years after the publication of the first novel.






Zia (also spelled Ziya, '''Ḍiya ''', Dia or Diya, ) is a name of Arabic origin.

Zia (Papua New Guinea)

The Zia are a tribe of about 4,000 people living in the lower Waria Valley in Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea. The Zia tribe is divided into four clans, Bego (hornbill), Sakia (white cockatoo), Wapo (eagle) and Yewa (bird of paradise), each animal the clan's symbol. Each clan also carries specific responsibilities to the tribe at large, in part through the maintenance of specialized field of knowledge. The clans are matrilineal, with children inheriting their mother's clan membership and disallowing marriage between two members of the same clan.

Tribe decisions are made by chiefs representing the four clans and as such, require a majority of represented support to proceed.

The Zia tribal area covers the lower reaches of the Waria river, and extends along the Solomon Sea north and south of the river mouth. Communities include Zare, Ainse, Siu, Popoe, Dona, Saigara, Pema, Siu, Bau and Eu.

Only the communities of Eu, Pema and Zare have schools with instruction above the third year. There is also a school (with dorms) at Toyare, at the mouth of Waria river. Because of the distance involved, parents who wish to send their children to higher grades must send their children to live in other communities for extended periods of time. The cost is quite expensive—for many families, prohibitively so.

Upper level students in the Waria valley have two high school options. The first is a technical high school located near Toyare. The nearest traditional high school is four hours away north along the coast by boat.

The region's current Minister in Parliament is Sasa Zibe, who is from the area.

Since 2001, groups of English teachers from Japan have been traveling to the area to carry out educational charity work, as part of both the Niigata International Charity Organization and the Niigata-PNG Association.

Zia (singer)

Baek Ji Hye (, born July 21, 1986), better known by her stage name Zia ( Korean: ), is a South Korean singer.

Usage examples of "zia".

Forever young, except for the fine cracks beginning to show on her skin and the odd yellowish tone she was acquiring, the result, his Zia Eleyna had once told him, of Sario Grijalva using inferior paints to create her.

Maida and Zia, the neighborhood tomboys who claimed to live in the branches of the old elm tree behind the house.

Juss and Brandoch Daha cross the Zia Pass: fight with the mantichore: ascent of Koshtra Pivrarcha, entrance into Koshtra Belorn, and entertainment by Queen Sophonisba: Juss's vision of Goldry bound on Zora: the Queen's furtherance of their designs: the hippogriff hatched beside the Lake of Ravary: the fatal folly of Mivarsh: Juss in despite of the Queen's admonitions assays Zora Rach on foot and comes within a little of losing his life.

Zia Violet era stata una tiranna, contorta e morbosa, ma era sempre più evidente che aveva ragione a proposito del pericolo di avere a che fare con gli altri.

E se era riuscita a difendersi da Streck, forse sarebbe riuscita a raccogliere il coraggio necessario per sfidare la sua defunta zia.

With Averill and Tina, and especially with Zia, she’d been able to relax and act silly occasionally, like a normal person.

It was only logical that Zia spend more and more time with Averill and Tina, until finally they all realized they had to get some more papers forged, showing the couple as Zia’s par­ents.

By the time Zia was four, Averill and Tina were Daddy and Mom to her, and Lily was Aunt Lil.

Tina had been a friendly person, Averill more aloof, but to Zia there’d been no such thing as a stranger.

Lily felt sick that she had been right, that it was something concerning Zia that had spurred Averill and Tina to the act that had eventually resulted in their deaths.

Non era stata neppure in grado di sostenere un'educata conversazione con Garrison Dilworth, il legale di zia Violet e ora suo legale, negli incontri che avevano avuto per accertare il patrimonio.