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'''Zhufan '''(, local accent:zhuf, or Juf) also called West Zhufan, is an administrative village governed by Shilianghe Town of Donghai County of Jiangsu Province, China.

The village lies to the west of Ganyu of Lianyungang. It borders Shandong Province to the northeast, and Ganyu to the northwest. There are two small rivers: Tangzi River lies in the east and Zhufan River in the southwest.

Until the 1980s Zhufan lay on the western side of the Tangzi River, leading to it being called Hexi (River West) by the locals. Due to flood damage in the 1980s, a new village was built to the northeast of the old village, and therefore the village is now situated on the eastern side of the Tangzi River. And it now covers three small sub-villages: Wang Zhufan, Wang Banlu (Local pronunciation: Banl), and Yuan Banlu (Banl).

Zip Code: 222133

Telephone Code: 0518