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Zhombe (formerly known as Jombe) is a Communal land, a rural settlement with a few commercial farms within its borders and a handful of resettlement areas. The greater part of it makes Zhombe Constituency in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe. Its administrative hub and capital is Zhombe Joel Growth Point located about 60 km north-west of Kwekwe and 80 km south-east of Gokwe.

There are 14 business centres in the Zhombe constituency. Ten of the business centres are electrified. There are also 2 Rural Service Centres , namely Empress and Joel. There were 53 Primary schools and 18 secondary schools in 2011. There are 10 clinics (and 1 mission hospital) and several health centers in Zhombe. There are over 48 000 cattle, 13 Animal Health Centers and 26 dip tanks within Zhombe constituency.

Zhombe (parliamentary constituency)

Zhombe is a constituency in the House of Assembly of the Parliament of Zimbabwe.

It is in Kwekwe District of the Midlands Province.