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n. (alternative spelling of dzo English)

Usage examples of "zho".

They were led by Supreme Commander Zho Krazhmir—he died in his sleep years ago, you would not have heard of him.

The two of us continued our dance, sailing in a stately spiral about Supreme Commander Zho Krazhmir.

I returned to the Yuuzhan Vong and the priestess Falung, and Zho Krazhmir's forces returned to that limitless space between the stars where the Yuuzhan Vong worldships traveled.

For his action in discovering Zonama Sekot, Supreme Commander Zho Krazhmir was granted a new leg implant as a reward.

It was rumored further that the planet, known as Zonama Sekot, not only had warded off Zho Krazhmir's forces, but also had been pronounced an omen of ill tidings by Quoreal's coven of high priests.

Nas Choka was too much of a realist to give credence to the •jea of the planet being an omen of defeat, but as a strategist he had to wonder: if it was same world that had defended itself successfully against Zho Krazhmir, then Zonama Sekot had had an additional fifty standard years during which to become a weapon unlike any the Yuuzhan Vong had ever faced.