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Zeto may refer to:

  • Zeto (Greek), a Greek interjunction similar to Vive, viva, and vivat
  • A character from the sculpture Farnese Bull
  • Zeto (Legend of Legaia)
  • A trade name for the drug Azithromycin
Zeto (Greek)

Zeto ( Greek: Ζήτω, ancient pronunciation: zḗtō; modern pronunciation: zī́to) is an interjection used in the Greek language. Zeto is the third person, singular imperative form of the verb "to live" (ζῆν in Ancient Greek, ζην in Modern Greek). It expresses a hope on the part of the speaker that another should live, roughly translating into "may he/she/it live" though it is used in the same sense as "long live" in English and " vive, viva, and vivat" in the Romance languages. For example, «Ζήτω η Ελλάς!» means "Long live Hellas!" while «Ζήτω το Σύνταγμα», a popular chant of the 3 September 1843 Revolution, means "Long live the Constitution!"

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