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n. A type of Oriental cymbal.


Zel may refer to:

  • ZEL, an abbreviation for zero length launch
  • Zishan Engineers (ZEL), a Pakistani Engineering consultancy
  • Zel (novel), a retelling of Rapunzel by Donna Jo Napoli
  • Peliar Zel, a fictional planet in the Star Trek universe
  • Zel, the twelfth letter in the Ottoman Turkish alphabet
  • Zel (sheep), a breed of sheep from north of Iran.
  • IATA code for Bella Bella (Campbell Island) Airport on Campbell Island ( British Columbia, Canada)
  • Zel, a French band

Usage examples of "zel".

Looking for some way to get to the Zel, wanting to acquire one of their plant-herds or at least samples of the semi-sentient plants they use to guard their settlement.

Those who followed were like the warriors of the zel band that had ambushed the men.

She turned, laughed as she saw how much the distance between her and the zel had increased.

Aleytys standing beside the gyr, flinging fire at the zel, saw the gyr scramble to his feet, saw Aleytys begin her step-by-step retreat.

The things were around her neck now and the zel were swarming up on her.

They picked up the body and tossed it over the saddle pad on a gyr, then a zel mounted behind the body and the rest of them remounted and rode at a slow canter toward the island.

A much younger zel sat beside her, dressed in the same wrinkled white, painted with the same primitive colors.

The design on the heads of the two zel were similar but not identical.

Ignoring a repetition of the command and waves of irritation from the two zel, she repeated the massage on the other ankle, then got carefully to her feet, stamped each foot hard against the packed earth.

Ah Zel, I speak long, my throat is sore with the unhappy words, but they make a truth we must face if we really desire to fulfill the Purpose.

Ay Zel, ask the three how powerful, how dangerous it is, ask them how close it came to smashing them.

I say to you, Zel, give me three bred Zel like that who stands so calm and watching and ready, look at it, all of you, look at it!

Give me three zel like that and the Purpose will be gained within my lifetime.

If you, Zel, give the word, I would claim my one from it, one to replace my love, my ranjih Treainah, so lately slain.

Zel off that one and we could go against the Shippua-shen and their Zumar, get our own back for the Zel they killed just now.