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Zeel is a privately held company based in New York City. The company’s mobile phone application and website allow the booking of licensed massage therapists for on-location massage. It was founded by CEO Samer Hamadeh.

Usage examples of "zeel".

He lifted his eyes from the pages, and the zeel crystal arrested his attention, stealing his reason.

Braque hoards the majority of zeel, but their province refuses to bargain with us.

Yet future generations will be fortified by the abundance of zeel Fen Dane brings to our coffers.

Beside it, in the center of the large circular table, the zeel crystal gleamed bright.

How much of the zeel will go to the people, and how much of it will line your personal coffers?

When I discovered we still had a problem with the zeel feed line, I decided to check the circuit board.

Between iridescent flesh, the zeel glimmered, its facets caught by the flashing beacon of red on the instrument panel.

The zeel stone was a fraction of the size of the zeel used to power the ship.

For the amount of zeel Fen Dane had given her father, each woman was worth a small fortune.

Zan Burlorek wants full control of the zeel, but the conditions of our exile prevent him from taking more.

The men boasted of their success in extracting zeel while the women feasted upon their mates in dreamy displays.

Now that we have control of the Verside, your men will yield the zeel that will make Mioisiad rich again.

If another opening to the zeel pits existed, the Verside should have come upon and rescued the lost souls within its grip.

Verside was banished to a planet Zan Burlorek deemed barely inhabitable, yet the Verside found the zeel and found a way to harvest the precious gem.

You will remain alive yet imprisoned for however long the zeel continues to arrive here at the Burdven Empire.