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'ZC''', Zc, or zC may refer to:

  • Zangger Committee, a committee on nuclear proliferation
  • Zettacoulomb, an SI unit of electric charge
  • Zeptocoulomb, another SI unit of electric charge
  • In set theory, the name for a system with Zermelo's first five axioms plus the axiom of choice
  • In mathematics, Zadoff–Chu sequence, a certain complex-valued sequence with the CAZAC property ( constant amplitude zero autocorrelation waveform)
  • Honda D engine, an engine variant produced by Honda Motor Company

The Z(3900) is a hadron, a type of subatomic particle made of quarks, believed to be the first tetraquark that has been observed experimentally. The discovery was made in 2013 by two independent research groups: one using the BES III detector at the Chinese Beijing Electron Positron Collider, the other being part of the Belle experiment group at the Japanese KEK particle physics laboratory. .

The Z(3900) is a decay product of the previously observed anomalous Y(4260) particle.

The Z(3900) in turn decays into a charged pion and a J/ψ meson. This is consistent with the Z(3900) containing four or more quarks.

The neutral Z(3900) was observed by BESIII in 2015. It decays into a neutral pion and a J/ψ meson.

Researchers are expected to run decay experiments this year to determine its nature with more precision.