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n. (alternative form of sapote English) (fruit or tree)

Usage examples of "zapote".

Doc extended a zapote nut about the size of a baseball, brown, with a custard-flavored meat that was cool and mealy.

Olmec sites of Tres Zapotes, San Lorenzo and La Venta along the Gulf of Mexico, with other Central American archaeological sites.

Tres Zapotes, west of Coatzecoalcos, and then at San Lorenzo and La Venta, south and east of it, numerous pieces of characteristically Olmec sculpture had been unearthed.

It therefore came as quite a jolt to the academic status quo when Stirling unearthed a stela at Tres Zapotes which bore an earlier date.

Stirling, who excavated Tres Zapotes, carried out the bulk of the archaeological work done at La Venta before progress and oil money erased it.

Indeed, like the other pieces I had seen at Santiago Tuxtla and at Tres Zapotes, it unmistakably and unambiguously showed a negro.

Monte Alban, like the people of Tres Zapotes, left definite evidence of their knowledge of mathematics, in the form of bar-and-dot computations.

Despite determined opposition from gangs of furious Mayanists the truth which Stirling’s spade had unearthed at Tres Zapotes gradually came out.