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alt. A male given name, diminutive of Zachariah and Zachary. n. A male given name, diminutive of Zachariah and Zachary.


Żak (pronounced like French Jacques) is a Polish family name.

  • Zygmunt Solorz-Żak (1956) Polish businessman
  • Szymon Żak (1507–1591) Polish Calvinist pastor
Zak (surname)

Zak is a Russian surname. It is related to both Żak, a Polish surname, and Žák, a Czech surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Eugeniusz Zak (1884–1926), Belarusian artist also known as Eugène Zak and Eugene Zak
  • Frankie Zak (1922-1972), American Major League Baseball player
  • Fyodor Zak (born 1949), Russian mathematician
  • Gershon Zak (1913-1989), Commander of the Israeli Navy
  • John C. Zak (born 1954), American director, producer and filmmaker
  • Leocadia I. Zak, Director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency beginning 2009
  • Paul J. Zak (born 1962), American neuroeconomist
  • Peter Zak (born 1965), American jazz pianist and composer
Zak (given name)

Zak is the given name or nickname of:

  • Zak Ansah (born 1994), English-born Ghanaian footballer
  • Zak Bagans (born 1977), American paranormal investigator, actor and author, host of the television series Ghost Adventures
  • Zak Boggs (born 1986), American soccer player
  • Zak Brown (born 1971), American businessman and former racing driver
  • Zachariah Zak Chappell (born 1996), English cricketer
  • Zak Cummings (born 1984), American mixed martial artist
  • Zakkari Zak Dempster (born 1987), Australian racing cyclist
  • Zackary Zak DeOssie (born 1984), American National Football League player
  • Isaac Fe'aunati (born 1973), former rugby union player from New Zealand
  • Zak Hardaker (born 1991), English rugby league footballer
  • Zak Ibsen (born 1972), American retired soccer player
  • Zak Jones (born 1995), Australian rules footballer
  • Zak Keasey (born 1982), American former National Football League player
  • Zak Knutson (born 1974) American director, producer, writer and actor
  • Zaqueu Zak Morioka (born 1978), Brazilian racecar driver
  • Adam Zachary Zak Orth (born 1970), American actor
  • Zak Penn (born 1968), American screenwriter and director
  • Zak Sally, bassist and comic artist
  • Zak Smith (born 1976), also known as Zak Sabbath, American artist and adult film performer
  • Zak Starkey (born 1965), English rock drummer, son of Ringo Starr
  • Zak Surety (born 1991), English snooker player
  • Zak Waters (born 1966), British editorial photographer
  • Zak Whitbread (born 1984), American-born English footballer
  • Zakeria Zak Yacoob (born 1948), a former justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa

Usage examples of "zak".

The Elmeth cockpit was roomier than that of a Zak, and Kusko rather enjoyed sitting in it, waiting.

Zaks, more than anything else, enabled the Side 3 Zeon Archduchy to embark on its War of Independence and helped the opening rounds of the One Week Battle to go more or less as Gren and Krishia Zavi had expected.

If there are two Zaks here, that means other Zeon forces must be nearby, right?

When the Zak piloted by Zeon Ensign Jeen finally blew, it carved a hole in the base of the mountain and blew a hole in the nearest wall in the colony.

The corridor along which the lady Apheta had sent me merely circled it, and I led Zak down a wide aisle, while the sailors watched from the banked benches on either side.

Zak paused a moment to study the concentration of the young drow (and also to keep his hands over the coins and ensure that they were brightened enough by the warmth of his body heat for Drizzt to prop erly see them in their flight).

Three beam blasts pierced the engine on one side of the vessel, but just before the entire craft blew, the Chibe and the other Musai-class ship accelerated forward, and two Zaks that had been hiding behind them came toward him, firing rockets from their bazookas.

She wanted the clerics of House DeVir dead as surely as Zak did, but for very different reasons.

All complications aside, Zak would have been just as happy killing clerics of House Do'Urden.

During this bit, Zak came to the lobby as if to receive a message and went back into the centre of the dining car opening an envelope and reading the contents.

The Dissuaders, under the watchful and threatening eye of Zak Kebron, kept more or less to themselves, got quietly drunk, and wound up having to be picked up from under the tables.

Creeping behind the small group, Zak had studied Drizzt's every move, trying to measure the toll a decade at the Acad emy had exacted on the young fighter.

Was he seeing Zak differently because of the things he had learned of Zak's exploits, or was there truly something different, something harder, about the weapon master's de meanor since Drizzt had returned from the Academy?

Two shells from the Gun Cannon scored a direct hit on the Zak, instantly pulverizing its upper torso.

Zak had seen his uncle transform into creatures as large as a Wookiee and as small as a white rock mouse.