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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1937, from Japanese zaibatsu, from zai "wealth" + batzu "clique."


n. (context economics English) Japanese term for ‘money clique’ or conglomerate, and sometimes used in the United States to refer to any large corporation.


is a Japanese term referring to industrial and financial business conglomerates in the Empire of Japan, whose influence and size allowed control over significant parts of the Japanese economy from the Meiji period until the end of World War II.

Usage examples of "zaibatsu".

Where the antitrust agenda was concerned, SCAP moved swiftly to clarify its policy of dissolving zaibatsu holding companies and eliminating zaibatsu family members as dominant share holders and officeholders.

All but the Sanwa keiretsu represented reclusterings or reconfigurations of the old zaibatsu.

One of the most inner secrets of their zaibatsu was that their founder was not only a mama-san, but a woman of genius.

Soon these central banks would become the nuclei of the successors to the zaibatsu, the traditional family-run conglomerates.

We know that Japan's highspeed economic growth in the decades after the war was directed by members of the Black Blade Society within the powerful Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the heads of the new, emerging industrial keiretsu - their new name for the old zaibatsu.

But the ordinary citizens didn't have the effective power that the zaibatsu did, and every attempt to reform the political system had fallen short.