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n. The letter ظ in the Arabic script.

Usage examples of "zaa".

The Sacrifice of Zaa HELENE began to believe the long nightmare of the canoe trip would never end.

As the ancient writs prescribe, we bring before you the chosen one, whom Zaa will take into himself at the Festival of the Seventh Moon.

Ranged on each side of her were the Handmaidens of Zaa, except at the place to the immediate right of Dian, where the pale, beautiful Helene sat.

Dian, High Priestess of Zaa, declare this day the opening of the Festival of the Seventh Moon, and do command my people to pay homage to the mighty Serpent God as proscribed by the ancient rites.

This time Dian spoke in a strange tongue, the words falling and rising in odd cadence, as she prayed to Zaa in the dead language of her forefathers.

Dian, High Priestess of Zaa, stood before the yellow altar, her arms thrown up in a beseeching gesture as she called upon the Serpent God to witness the faithfulness of his people and pour forth his bounty upon them.

Mighty Zaa, we call upon you to send your spirit into the serpent of the pit to receive our sacrifices.

The High Priestess called on Zaa to return in earthly form and rebuild the former power of her tribe.

The bride-to-be of Zaa occupied a place of honor beside Dian in the front row of seats.

The Coming of Zaa A faint glimmer of light was visible across the pit.

The aged handmaiden of Zaa was upset and obviously disturbed by this disturbance beyond the door.

Dian, High Priestess of Zaa, stood in the center of the sacrificial stone holding high a bloody knife.