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Yve is a French masculine or feminine given name, which is related to Yvonne and Yves, and may be used as a shortened form of Yvain or Yvette. It is also an uncommon surname. Yve may refer to:

  • Yve-Alain Bois (born 1952), French art historian
  • Yve Buckland (born 1956), British public servant
  • Yve Laris Cohen (born 1985), American artist
  • YVE Hotel Miami, A downtown Miami hotel near Port of Miami, Bayfront Park, Biscayne Bay, and American Airlines Arena.

Usage examples of "yve".

The man was just disappearing from sight when van Effen crossed to the other man on the river missile site, his hand round the burgundy Yves Saint-Laurent aerosol with the special fragrance.

Lady from Skye rode through the gates of Gloinmere to marry Regis Aurum, King of Yves, an old woman in her retinue caught the eye of Cyan Dag as he stood in welcome with the knights of Gloinmere.

Regis, his voice sending pigeons in the high windows flying, proclaimed the marriage of Lady Gwynne of Skye to the House of Aurum and the land of Yves in that hall, at that hour the next day, and let no one be a moment later.

He had been to Gloinmere once, years earlier, to see Regis Aurum crowned King of Yves and the North Islands and the peculiar land of Skye.

I wanted you to burn a path for the army of Ysse and the North Islands to march south down Yves to Gloinmere, to strike at Regis Aurum where he rules.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Boer Politics, by Yves Guyot This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.

Yves Guyot quoted facts in contradiction to the assertions which the proposed resolution contained.

Sergeant Olivet and followed by three gendarmes, Mimette, Philippe, and Yves rushed down the chapel aisle towards him.

It had been decided definitely only on the Friday before that Daphne would use the ticket bought for her Henry had wavered desperately between going himself, sending her, and sending no one and that afternoon had been complicated by an exchange of wires with Yves in Paris.

Then she began to feel defiled all over again by what Yves had said, and it seemed in some queer way that she would bring Henry on the scene of this ugliness if she read his letter, and so she had to put off reading it a little longer, till the turmoil of her feelings had died down again like a retreating thunderstorm.

Getting a letter was an event for her then, and she felt a little extra bitterness towards Yves because he had spoiled her pleasure in this one.

Yves had put Yves in a larger perspective that made him shrink in stature.

Holding that picture before her as a shield, she was able to return defiantly to Yves s room.

It was hard to believe that clever Yves could be responsible for anything so fatuous.

The contempt and detestation that he felt for Yves had never been more obvious.