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Prince Yuryevsky ( - masculine) or princess Yuryevskaya ( - feminine) may refer to:

  • Catherine Dolgorukov (1847–1922), styled Princess Yuryevskaya after her morganatic marriage with Tsar Alexander II of Russia, and their three surviving children:
    • Prince George Alexandrovich Yuryevsky (12 May 1872 – 13 September 1913), who married Countess Alexandra von Zarnekau, herself the child of a morganatic marriage, and had issue. They later divorced.
    • Princess Olga Alexandrovna Yurievskaya (7 November 1873 – 10 August 1925), who married Georg Nikolaus, Count of Merenberg, likewise the child of a morganatic marriage.
    • Princess Catherine Alexandrovna Yurievskaya (9 September 1878 – 22 December 1959), whose first husband was Prince Alexander Alexandrovich Bariatinski (1870–1910). Her second husband, later divorced, was Prince Serge Obolensky (1890–1978).