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Yuraqmayu (Lima)

The Yuraqmayu ( Quechua yuraq white, mayu river, "white river", hispaniciced spelling Yuracmayo) or Río Blanco ( Spanish for "white river") is a 36.2 km long river in Peru located in the Lima Region, Huarochirí Province, in the districts of Chicla and San Mateo. It is a left tributary of the Rimac River which empties into the Pacific Ocean.

The river originates in the San Mateo District, southeast of Kunkus Yantaq. Its direction is mainly to the northwest. Upstream it is the natural border between the districts of Chicla and San Mateo. The confluence with the Rimac River is south of Chicla.

The Yuraqmayu dam which was erected near the village of Yuraqmayu at was erected in 1995. It is high and long. It is operated by Edegel. The reservoir has a volume of and a capacity of .