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Yuliy is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Yuliy Aykhenval'd or Yuly Aykhenvald (1872–1928), Russian Jewish literary critic who developed a native brand of Aestheticism
  • Yuliy Daniel or Yuli Daniel (1925–1988), Soviet dissident writer, poet, translator, and political prisoner
  • Yuliy Dmitrievich Engel (1868–1927), music critic, composer and one of the leading figures in the Jewish art music movement
  • Yuliy Ganf (1898–1973), Soviet Russian graphic artist, People's Artist of the USSR
  • Yuliy Kim (born 1936), one of Russia's foremost bards and playwrights
  • Yuliy Meitus (1903–1997), distinguished Ukrainian composer, famous for his operas
  • Yuliy Mikhailovich Vorontsov (1929–2007), Russian diplomat, President of International Centre of the Roerichs (Moscow)
  • Yuliy Osipovich Tsederbaum (1873–1923), leader of the Mensheviks in early twentieth century Russia