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Yue (state)

Yue (; Old Chinese: *), also known as Yuyue, was a state in ancient China which existed during the first millennium BC the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods of China's Zhou dynasty in the modern provinces of Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Jiangsu. Its original capital was a site near Mount Kuaiji (around modern Shaoxing); after its conquest of Wu, the Kings of Yue moved their court north to the city of Wu (modern Suzhou).

According to Sima Qian, Yue's rulers claimed to be descended from the Xia emperor Yu.


Yue or Yueh (Yüeh) may refer to:

Yue (surname)

Yuè is the Hanyu Pinyin transliteration of the Chinese family name 岳. In places which use the Wade-Giles romanization such as Taiwan, Yue is usually spelled as "Yüeh" or "Yueh".

Yuè is also the pinyin transliteration of the surname 樂 in traditional character and 乐 in simplified character.

Usage examples of "yue".

They had reached a cluster of glass lifts and Yue Hwa moved to one that had no buttons, only a keyhole.

He was about the same age and build as Yue Hwa, but with a thinner, more angular face, large ears and a more formal haircut.

Only he, Yue Hwa and Tse Hung were present at the table, clustered at one end of it in the darkened room.

Doctor opened his eyes, and Yue Hwa thought he almost saw distant stars in them.

When Yue Hwa blocked it and kicked it out of his hand, it took a moment for the event to sink in.

He might even have been persuaded to give evidence against the gangster Yue Hwa was spying on, and, thinking of that, Yue Hwa had identified himself as a cop to Qi.

They would know Yue Hwa was a plant and months of investigation would have been wasted.

He left Chiu to monitor the power build-up, and joined Sarah and Yue Hwa.

Doctor told him, though Yue Hwa could see no blood in the room, just Sarah curled on the floor.

Lei Yue Mun waterfront place, after a ferry crossing from Shau Kee Wan.

Sau-leyan leaned forward, thrusting out his right hand, the matte-black surface of the Yue Lung, the ring of power, sitting like a saddle on the index finger.

Reiko and O-hana ate and sipped, Madam Yue chatted with Reiko about the weather.

Madam Yue spoke in a rush, her round eyes glittering with shame, tears, and a need to justify herself.

Those peasants gave up the children so they would be fed and clothed at the brothels, while Madam Yue had sought to condemn Wisteria to a lifetime of prostitution.

A moment passed in uncomfortable silence while Madam Yue twisted her hands nervously.