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She would just have to hope that the Yss were less particular about the niceties of a proper wardrobe than Madame Ledoux.

All of the inspecting Yss took a quick step back, making low, hissing noises of surprise and consternation in their long, thin throats.

Teague stepped forward to speak to the Yss who had pulled the hairpin from her hair.

Then he held out his hand, obviously expecting the Yss to hand over her pin.

Then the tallest Yss, the one Teague had been speaking to in the first place, stepped forward and began gesturing as well.

But if it was a choice between losing her virginity to Teague or one of the strange Yss men, she knew without question who she wanted to take her.

The narrow, pale alien eyes of every Yss in the village were trained on them unblinkingly.

Also, she had been graduating with honors, not going to meet the cannibal king of an alien village or wherever the Yss warriors were taking them.

The tall, pale green Yss woman was obviously asking her a question but of course, Krisa had no idea what it was.

Krisa found herself being pulled away, thorough the crowd of curious Yss women and children, despite her polite and increasingly panicked protests.

She was glad that the Yss were apparently friendly and more eager to bathe her than to eat her.

The curious Yss were standing around, watching her with obvious interest, like people waiting for a much anticipated show to begin.

Vis and Ziba were gone and the tall Yss woman began to make gestures to Krisa that were unmistakably signs to undress.

As he spoke, the tall Yss woman took the large cook pot off the clay stove, and poured its steaming contents, more pinkish water, into the bathing vessel.

Krisa looked up from the semi-doze the warm water had put her into and saw that the Yss woman had a clay jar filled with a pale purple viscous liquid in one six-fingered hand.