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YPS may refer to:

  • Civil Protection Units (YPS), a Kurdish rebel group in Turkey
  • Port Hawkesbury Airport, the IATA airport code
  • Yps, a German comic
  • Yellow prussiate of soda, another name for sodium ferrocyanide, an anticaking agent used in salt
  • the Yorkshire Philosophical Society (founded 1822), one of the world's first learned societies
  • Young Professionals, also known as a Yuppie
Yps (comics)

Yps is a German comic book magazine which ran for over 1,000 issues from 1975 to 2000. In 2005 and 2006 several prototype issues were published, but the series was not revived. Loosely based on the French Pif Gadget, Yps was highly popular due to the toy 'Gimmick' included with every issue.