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n. (plural of yowl English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: yowl)

Usage examples of "yowls".

At night her yowls and yammerings filled the keep, and in the day she wept uncontrollably and babbled in unalloyed fear of something or someone hideous and grasping, but what or who it was none knew or would say.

Thin, plaintive yowls, sick strangled coughing, and the kittens-the poor little things were as quiet and limp as damp rags.

As he started chopping a portion of it for the cats' dinner, Yum Yum squealed in anticipation, and Koko pranced back and forth, warbling an aria of tenor yowls and ecstatic gutterals.

Koko was announcing the fact with yowls and body-bumps against the door panels.