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Usage examples of "yowle".

Nodon yowled and spat a primal feline sound and thrust the blaster rifle toward it like a blunt spear, punching the attacking monster below the sternum.

Weequay at another station yowled and began to jitter as arcs of blue electrical fire curled up from the base of his booby-trapped seat.

Mogget yowled as if his tail had been trodden on and sank hissing back into the pack.

Mogget yowled and kicked back, the dry bones of his captor snapping with the force of the blow.

Deep inside, Flin yowled in bereft fury, raising his arms for his mother to rescue him, his silent raging voice demanding his mother, his real mother, his real fathers, his real life, his own safe bed.

She leaped, bowling him over so his body struck against a spur of rock and he yowled in pain and fury.

Still the beast paused only for a moment before it came directly to me and then yowled as one which had fastened upon the prey it sought.

The girl yowled, fell forward and was facedown on the floor as Lita raised the poker again.

Notable let go his hold and yowled the same cry while his quarry fell like a log.

The maid stared at Emily, who put her hands over her face and yowled a fairly good imitation of the cat.

The yowling accent was barbaric and old-fashioned, with words twisted out of shape.

Worried that the stupid animal might start yowling loud enough to attract unwanted attention, Carlos rushed forward and seized the cat none too gently.

Still yowling, he ran to the small alcove the landlord liked to call a kitchenette, and then back to Sam.

There was a lot of yowling and swearing and Vati came out two minutes later covered in kitty litter.

Once the food was served, Rosethorn worked a protective circle to keep the mewing and yowling cats from climbing on the table.