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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Yow \Yow\, pron. You. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

exclamation, with various meanings, mid-15c.


interj. 1 Expression of humorous surprise or emphasis. 2 Expression of pain; ouch.

Yow (disambiguation)

Yow may refer to:

  • Kay Yow, an American basketball coach
  • David Yow, American vocalist and musician
  • Deborah Yow, Director of Athletics at North Carolina State University
  • Jeme Tien Yow, a Chinese railroad engineer
  • YOW, the IATA code for the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport

Usage examples of "yow".

God send yow long lyffe to contynew, for of that day we have not myssed anny St.

Cecile cam whan it was woxen nyght, With preestes that hem cristned alle yfeere, And afterward, whan day was woxen light, Cecile hem seyde, with a ful stedefast cheere, "Now Cristes owene knyghtes, leeve and deere, Cast alle awey the werkes of derkness And armeth yow in armure of brightnesse.

Faste have I priked," quod he, "for youre sake, By cause that I wolde yow atake, To riden in this myrie compaignye.

Cecile answerde anon right in this wise, "If that yow list, the aungel shul ye see, So that ye trowe in Crist, and yow baptize.

And whan that ye Seint Urban han biholde, Telle hym the wordes whiche that I to yow tolde, And whan that he hath purged yow fro synne, Thanne shul ye se that aungel er ye twynne.

But I wol nat avowe that I seye, And therfore keepe it secree, I yow preye.

And if yow thynketh this is weel ysayd, Seyeth youre avys and holdeth you apayd.

And over al this avyseth yow right wel, What was comaunded unto Lamwel, Nat Samuel, but Lamwel, seye I.

But thise demandes axe I first," quod he, "That sith it shal be doon in hastif wyse, Wol ye assente, or elles yow avyse?

But of my deeth thogh that ye have no routhe, Avyseth yow er that ye breke youre trouthe.

In yow lith al, to do me lyve of deye, But wel I woot the rokkes been aweye!

As hoomly as he rit amonges yow, If ye hym knewe, it wolde be for youre prow, Ye wolde nat forgoon his aqueyntaunce For muchel good, I dar leye in balaunce Al that I have in my possessioun.

But now is tyme to yow for to telle How that we baren us that ilke nyght Whan we were in that hostelrie alyght, And after wol I telle of our viage, And all the remenaunt of oure pilgrimage.

Ye moote nempne hym to what place also, Or to what contree, that yow list to ryde, And whan ye com ther as yow list abyde, Bidde hym descende, and trille another pyn, (For therin lith theffect of al the gyn) And he wol doun descende, and doon youre wille.

Or, if yow liste, bidde hym thennes goon, Trille this pyn, and he wol vanysshe anoon Out of the sighte of every maner wight, And com agayn, be it day or nyght, Whan that yow list to clepen hym ageyn, In swich a gyse as I shal to yow seyn, Bitwixe yow and me, and that ful soone.