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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

dialectal inflection of you, 1876, not always used in plural senses.


contraction (alternative form of you'se English) pron. (alternative form of yous English)

Usage examples of "youse".

You got tuh learn how tuh speak when you spokin to, come when youse called.

When Mallory gits here youse kin tell him dat de engagement is all on again--see!

Sure dere was a skoit in it--but not what youse mean, not dat old tripe.

Say, youse up dere, Man in de Moon, yuh look so wise, gimme de answer, huh?

Before he left, Killer McCoy said I should get the two of youse together.

And before he left, I asked Captain Banning about it, and he said it was a good idea that the two of youse could probably help each other out.

I brung it into camp for youse fellers to cut up or keep, just as you please.

Go up there, and pretty soon youse comes to where dis other prince guy is, see?

They sure had to give you one bath before they could put youse to bed even.

I sez, "can you look around at our 32 Robert Asprin fellow unfortunates and tell me honestly that youcan't tell who comes from where without commit-tin' such blatant perjury that even the most boughtjudge would have to call youse on it?

I have neglected to mention durin' my previousinstructional oration that if youse relaxes the afore-mentioned grip suddenly and completely, the re- 40 Robert Asprin sultin' rush of blood to the area which has beenassaulted by said grip causes additional discomfortto a point where some subjects have been knownto faint dead away.

If youseperhaps think that buying two copies of the rule-book is a needless expense, let me give youse afree tip about playin' Dragon Poker: Your best 92 Robert Asprin defense at the table is havin' your own copy of therules.

You see, past 98 Robert Asprin experience has taught me that one of the best timesto act confident is when youse is totally in thedark .

Den, if I need youse you can come a-runnin' an' open up all over de shop wid de artillery, or if I gets de lizzie outen de jug an' de Chinks push me too clost youse'll be here where yeh can pick 'em off easy-like.

You kin keep yer lamps peeled fer de Chinks, an' de first fony noise youse hears, w'y be sure to wake me up," and with that he rolled over upon the grass, asleep almost on the instant.