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pron. 1 (context dialectal chiefly AU NZ South Africa New Jersey Liverpool Ireland Scotland English) you (plural). (from 19th c.) 2 (context dialectal English) you (singular). 3 (plural of you English)

Usage examples of "yous".

Have taken what information on yous has been made available by government.

In free time, away from official projects, are searching the vastness for transmission samplings of all yous: visuals, language snippets, references by other species not yous but knowing of yous.

If search never find anything, yous always have respected life-positions here.

I am pleased to be yous guide and interpreter this aspect of Niyyuuan culture.

Unfortunately for yous, they now trapped there, unable to advance any farther into ours defensive complex or to retreat without being cut down both within and outside the walls.

Charuchalan hospitality as satisfactory as what yous have experienced elsewhere.

Niyu insufficient return yous home if is not known coordinates of respective homeworlds.

Search for yous made more challenging by conflicting standards, lack of specifics, other difficulties.

I would personally wish yous return with me to Fiearek-iib to experience hospitality of my realm.

Expect by time yous have dealt with several hundred requests for talkings from media, yous be ready leave even for dead, airless moon.

I seen yous racing around the place two minutes after I dropped the phone, man!