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Yount is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Robin Yount (born 1955), American Major League Baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers from 1974 to 1993, Hall of Famer, and brother of Larry Yount
  • Barton Kyle Yount (1884–1949), American general
  • Christian Yount (born 1988), American football long snapper
  • Ducky Yount (1885–1970), American Major League Baseball pitcher in 1914
  • Eddie Yount (1915–1973), American Major League Baseball outfielder in 1937 and 1939
  • George C. Yount (1794–1865), American trapper and explorer, first American resident of California's Napa Valley
  • Harry Yount (1837–1924), American mountain man; first de facto park ranger of Yellowstone National Park

:* Younts Peak, a peak in Wyoming named after Harry Yount

  • John P. Yount (1850–1872), American soldier and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Larry Yount (born 1950), American Major League Baseball pitcher in 1971, brother of Robin Yount
  • Miles Franklin Yount (1880–1933), American oil baron