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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Young'un \Young'un\ A young human being; -- a contraction of young one.


n. (context Southern US West Country England slang English) child

Usage examples of "young'un".

Still, his father Ninthag was a perennial optimist and, despite the pleas of Sixthon who had budded Tenthag for him and never childed with anybody else, he was happy to turn a blind eye when his son did what in olden times all young'uns were accustomed togo swimming out of storm-season on the northern coastalong with Fifthorch, who was next-to-youngest.

He had never seen cresh on land, as he had told Skilluck, but he had seen old folk lose their minds, reduced to such a state that they scarcely reacted except when they were fed like hoverchicks or barqlings, or when some young'un was brought to them to be mated because a wise'un claimed there was still virtue in that line despite appearances.

Whereas you've given up, for the sake of making over countless scores of young'uns into worshipers of Awb!