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The Youle was a boundary which none could dispute, and which could only be conveniently crossed by the ferry, for the nearest bridge was seven miles distant, at Brawnton, the old post-town.

From Brawnton the coach still ran once a week for the benefit of the outlying villages, and the single line of rail which threaded the valley of the Youle in the year 1900 was still a novelty to the inhabitants of this unfrequented part of Devon.

Presently, soldier and farmer also passed away, and were laid to rest side by side on the banks of the Youle, in the shadow of the square-towered church.

Lady Mary dated from the days when she had been ferried over the Youle with her nurse, to play with Peter, in his chubby childhood.

CHAPTER XIX Nearly a thousand feet above the fertile valley of the Youle, stretched a waste of moorland.

My thanks are due to a number of other doctors and medical practitioners, notably: Lawrence Youlten, Martin Scurr, David Sturgeon, James Anderson, the late David Horrobin, Trevor Turner, Gwen Adshead, Professor Vichy Mahadevan, Professor Uta Frith and Professor Christopher Frith.