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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Youl \Youl\, v. i. To yell; to yowl. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "youl".

Sel clan in Laby Youl Gather, a port Gather, the one closest to the digressive impressive essentially lunatic aggregation of structures that constituted Yasyony University and to the Government Reserve.

Reserve workers at all levels live in Laby Youl as do many of the students at the University, though there are living quarters available on the University grounds.

The trip from Laby Youl to the Kinravaly reserve lasts a little over three hours.

I could hardly eat for thinking of youl I came to you on the instant the news reached me.

I tell youl I see how you have suffered through this Slade, so I tell you everything!

Thank youl A wonderful resume indeedl May I send a telegram from your office here, saying the men are to be discharged?

I never want to leave youl Buy me, Master, I beg youl I will be a good slave to youl I will strive to please you as might a thousand girls!

You do not need to pay me anything at alll I will work for nothing for youl Let me be your love servant!

The other officers were already rolling up the sheets as evidence anyway and putting them in plastic bags too, they youl and another officer was talking to Grace in her bedroom.

A sign nearby read: Turn This Handel Fifty Times And Youl Heer Whats On Our Minds.