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contraction you have.

Usage examples of "you've".

Harold, I know you've been briefed at my direction already, but now I'm briefing you in person, understand?

You've explored more worlds in the Belladonna Cluster than anyone else, and if Michael Drake has left Bushveld and gone further into the Cluster, I need someone who's acquainted with at leastsome of the worlds where he might have gone.

You've got a few things to learn about women, Niiii-other than calisthenics in bed, and from rumors I bear, you're getting plenty of that.

You've got a few things to learn about women, Nim-other than calisthenics in bed, and from rumors I hear, you're getting plenty of that.

I promise you, when you've become a real carny, the outside will seem awful bleak to you, and you'll wonder how you ever got along out there and why you ever thought it was preferable to the world of the road show.

Dear Roly, empty your carroty head of the nonsense you've chosen to fill it with.

Where we differ is that Cerin and I always live with half a foot in the otherworld that you've only visited these past few days.

You take the self hatred generated by original sin turn it around on your neighbors and maybe you've got enough sects slaughtering each other from Londonderry to Chandigarh to wipe out the whole damned thing, here.

The cheerier you are the better your child will be, and that's all you've got to think about.

I met a girl who makes the most delicious cheesecake you've ever tasted plain, chocolate, marble, raspberry, you name it, and in any shape and size.

You've tugged your tie all crooked like you needed air, and you haven't called me girlie or chickie, yet.

Only, my dear sister, you've hooked one of the cleverest and most famous orthopaedic men there is around.

But you've got to admit that biological economy is a matter of colloidal chemistry.

You've done a lot for us, Miss Mary, by just rememberin' we was livin' and comin' to see us like we was folks, and like it was really true the Lord died for us as well as others.

Look, what you've got here is this judge sitting there reviewing this complaint and their answer under Rule 12 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure looking for grounds for dismissal where they try to claim it's legally insufficient, like it doesn't state a cause of action for a claim where relief can be granted, or they say it fails to allege an essential element of the claim or it alleges some element defectively here where there's these different kinds of damages you're asking for, see you're alleging general damages, compensatory damages, special damages, punitive damages, you comply with these procedural necessities for each one or you're out on your ass.