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contraction 1 you will 2 you shall

Usage examples of "you'll".

If my luck holds out, you'll have the address of Surfing Samurai Robots.

I remember enough about you to realise that you'll go your own way now, just as you did in the past.

If you read in the newspaper tomorrow that the brontosaurus has collapsed you'll know why.

You'll admit that Up-the Country, more especially in drought, Isn't quite the Eldorado that the poets rave about, Yet at times we long to gallop where the reckless bushman rides In the wake of startled brumbies that are flying for their hides.

Clean all this up you'll need some help won't you, he brought up papers in a handful, caught one from dropping with the rest here's your accident policy with Bai Sim Casualty, Burundi, convenient offices everywhere.

Give 'em a grist in yonder bushes, and you'll put 'em up like partridges.

Behrman and Genslinger and Shelgrim and the whole gang of thieves of you-- you'll wake this State of California up some of these days by going just one little bit too far, and there'll be an election of Railroad Commissioners of, by, and for the people, that'll get a twist of you, my bunco-steering friend--you and your backers and cappers and swindlers and thimble-riggers, and smash you, lock, stock, and barrel.

I promise you, when you've become a real carny, the outside will seem awful bleak to you, and you'll wonder how you ever got along out there and why you ever thought it was preferable to the world of the road show.

You'll want to use slide film, of course, so you can put together a carousel show for the neighbors.

You'll take what the city gives you, and do your carryin' on outside of jail.

Yes, Henry Brooker is going to be manager, and if you're wise you'll keep on the right side of him, because I saw him from the beginning as a stronger character than Cartwright and much more capable to run that place.

And I suppose you'll have the same kind of objections to the Fincastle geothermal plant and Devil's Cate pumped storage, both of which are the cleanest type of operation known to man or nature.

You'll remember that, shortly before Christmas, Madalina came to Miami Beach to play in the Rolex International Tennis Championships at Flamingo Park.

You'll find blank cheques in the upper right-hand drawer of my desk there.

And if you'll believe it, I don't s'pose you will, but it is true, that lots of black ma's had childern jest as white as snow, and pretty as rosebuds, took after their fathers I s'pose.